Can divesting help you address technology’s impact on your changing business model? EY explores.

EY’s dedicated, multifunctional divestment professionals can help you improve portfolio management, divestment strategy and execution. Our work with corporate and private equity clients includes a variety of divestments, including sales of the entire company, carve-outs, spin-offs and joint ventures.

Portfolio strategy

Using advanced analytics, we first help you understand your business performance compared to that of your peers and its contribution to the rest of the portfolio, including assessing the quality of information and developing more reliable data for the evaluation. We advise on which businesses are worth investing in and which may be worth more to others. We then collaborate with you to determine where capital can be released and reallocated toward growth and digital innovation. And we help you understand dis-synergies and one-time costs which may result from a potential divestment. Our sector-focused teams can also help you understand the effect a divestment could have on your remaining company’s growth, brand and stakeholders.

Improve sale value

Next, we work with you to prepare for a divestment and become an informed negotiator. We can help you improve transaction value by articulating a clear value story and guiding you through preparation and execution — removing any potential bumps in the road before buyers get involved. Whether it be the preparation of financial statements and related deal-basis information, designing a tax structure to benefit buyer and seller, helping to optimize working capital, designing a communication plan, evaluating forecasted performance or providing a complex global separation and stand-up plan, our dedicated divestment professionals will work with you along the journey. Finally, we assist with negotiations and Day One readiness, and advise on managing your remaining cost structure so you can focus on future growth.

Increase success with EY’s divestment platform

EY’s real-time divestment data and analytics platform provides a broad view of your transaction life cycle. It helps companies to collaborate across three often siloed functional areas: project management, finance and operations; and it alleviates the need for data reconciliation. In particular, our technology can help you:

  • Conduct ongoing portfolio reviews via a structured framework that removes management bias
  • Create deal-basis financial statements based on multiple deal perimeters within tight transaction timelines
  • Identify tax structuring opportunities by integrating financial and tax data
  • Seamlessly operationalize legal entities across the globe by tracking sequential milestones and country and regulatory requirements
  • Manage day-to-day interdependencies and milestones with real-time reporting in order to quickly resolve issues

In summary, our technology drives better decisions, a quicker time to close and reduces business disruption throughout the divestment lifecycle.

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